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Benefits and prices for networks

Entry of contact details x x x
Screenshot-Icon x x x
Links in certain site navigation areas x x x
Logo hot-linked in the network entry x x x
Entry of keywords for optimising searches
x x
Additional text 'about us'
x x
Inclusion in "network of the day" category
x x
Additional text 'Vision'

Input of target group descriptions

Visibility of the various membership types and packages

Inclusion as "network of the day" in the categories and on the start page

Additional possibilities to display screenshots, photos or graphics in your network entry 0 0 5 x 40 kB
Additional possibilities for filedownloads (e.g. pdf) in your network entry 0 1 x 50 kB 5 x 250 kB
Setting appointments in the network (e.g. netwrok events)

Price p.a. excluding VAT
Price p.a. including VAT
€ 0.-
€ 96.-
€ 111.36
€ 240.-
€ 278.40
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