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Harun Rabbani is a great concept that has come along at the perfect time. I am delighted to see that you have seized this opportunity to bring the business communities closer by providing everyone with an opportunity to network no matter what there level of experience. In my opinion, is a leading edge and powerful tool for networkers."

Harun Rabbani
Harun Rabbani International Ltd

Andy Lopata

"A website to bring together networks worldwide and to give networkers simple access to information on events and meetings wherever they are travelling seems to be an excellent idea. certainly deserves full support. Use it and enjoy your networking!"

Andy Lopata
Managing Director, BRE Networking

Graham Rogers

"What a great idea – a practice relevant guide to Networks! The current plethora of networks means its more important than ever to have a clear understanding of what use and reputation an individual network has. Especially the evaluation by other networkers will lead to a high level of credibility in this area. The ease of use and pleasant graphical interface means that I look forward to using beneficially."

Graham Rogers
thinktall Mental Training

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